Man involved in Lancaster kidnapping found, cooperating with investigation

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The driver of a black Dodge Ram who threatened a woman on Sunday, Oct. 2 has been located, according to Lancaster City police.

The victim contacted police after the man told her that if she did not get into his truck that he would kill her. She was in Lancaster City, in a Wal-Mart parking lot, at the intersection of S. Prince St. and Seymour St.

The woman told police that she and the man drove through Lancaster, Chester and Berks counties before she was eventually dropped off in Berks County. The woman is a Berks County resident and was not immediately available to officers and detectives from Lancaster County Police.

Lancaster County Police report that Det. Toby Hickey was on-call the day of the kidnapping, and was notified of the situation. When he began his investigation, he used images from Lancaster Safety Coalition, which showed the man and woman on S. Prince St. Another image showed a black Dodge Ram truck attached to a trailer.

Police said on Friday, Oct. 7, Hikey was able to track down the driver. The driver is cooperating with the investigation. He is not being publicly identified as no criminal charges have been filed as of this date. There is no danger to the general public, police said. The case is still under investigation.

When the investigation is complete, and should criminal charges be warranted, police said they will provide an update at that time.