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Locals help those impacted by Hurricane Matthew

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HARRISBURG, Pa.-- Hurricane Matthew made landfall in South Carolina between Charleston and Myrtle Beach. The storm already left a path of destruction in the Caribbean and is now in the United States.

"It's pretty dicey on the coast," local Red Cross worker Chris Weidenhammer said.

He is currently in South Carolina as the storm moves along.

"We're kind of in that hold posture because of a lot of areas specifically in the Charleston, Myrtle Beach; it's unsafe for our folks to travel," Weidenhammer said.

He is one of the 11 local people who are down south with 2 local Red Cross vehicles.

"Some of the folks from our area are involved with logistics and helping with the planning," Red Cross of Central Pennsylvania's marketing and communications director Dan Tobin said. "We have other people helping with the sheltering as well."

"As of this morning, that population was about 6,100 individuals that are currently in our shelters," Weidenhammer said.

That amount is just in South Carolina. He says the Red Cross plans to start assessing damage as early as Sunday.

"We really want to start ramping up damage assessment as soon as we can," Weidenhammer told us over the phone. "We really need to know the effect, size, scope of the storm. That really effects our planning for everything."

For those of us, who are not able to go down and help, the Red Cross said you can still help. They are in need of monetary and blood donations and volunteers.

"You'll get trained and you'll get on a team in your local community," Tobin said. "Then when disaster like this strike, you will be eligible and deployed."

Right now they are unsure if more people will be sent down for assistance.