Spring Grove student section goes all out for breast cancer awareness

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SPRING GROVE, YORK COUNTY, Pa.-- Friday nights are mostly known for one thing, high school football. For many schools, this past Friday was homecoming, and for Spring Grove High School, they were no different.

The one thing that stood out at Spring Grove's game was the amount of pink in the stands. Their student section had a "pink out" game for breast cancer awareness. Students said they always have at least one a season.

"It's just always been that way," senior Jonathon Sager said. "Since I was a freshman, it's kind of been a tradition."

A tradition that could be seen all over the stadium, from the players to the fans.

"It really brings us together. We can all bond over one thing," Sager said. "It's just really great to have the support of everyone and raise money for a bad disease."

The money raised goes to the Heather Baker foundation, which helps families impacted by cancer.

That is something Spring Grove School District Athletic Director Greg Wagner knows all too well.

"I was actually 16-years-old, and my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer," he said.

This was no easy challenge.

"It's tough on kids. Parents always want to be strong for their kids but at the same time, kids want to be strong for their families as well," Wagner said. "They don't want to be an extra burden, whenever [their parents] are going through a hard time."

In the end, Wagner's mother was able to beat cancer.

"We just had her anniversary," he said. "She pulled through, very strong woman."

When Wagner see how the students organized this "pink out" on their own, he was taken back.

"[It] makes me feel very proud as an adult who works in this school community," he said. "They took it upon themselves, as a student body, to have this 'pink out' night. It really means a lot."

During wrestling season, the students said they have another "pink out" event to raise money.