South Carolina GOP congressman: ‘Thank God for Wikileaks’

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U.S. Congressman Jeff Duncan of South Carolina's 3rd District.

South Carolina Rep. Jeff Duncan on Monday praised Wikileaks in a series of early-morning tweets.

Duncan, who serves on the House Foreign Affairs and Homeland Security committees, slammed the press for what he sees as a lack of coverage of the stolen emails.

“Let me be clear: Thank God for Wikileaks – doing the job that MSM WON’T! #ASSANGE #wikileaks” he tweeted.

The congressman, who is supporting Donald Trump, was retweeted by the GOP nominee’s son, Donald Trump Jr.

Duncan clarified that he was not praising Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for four years avoiding extradition to Sweden, where prosecutors want to question him about 2010 allegations that he raped a female WikiLeaks volunteer.

“Not praise for Assange. Thankful info is out there for sure, but never have condoned illegal activity. Maybe if HRC hadn’t destroyed emails,” he tweeted.

Duncan finished out his series of tweets by suggesting the press has been coordinating with the Clinton campaign.

“And – MSM Major Networks seem to be in collusion with HRC camp – failing to report on the whole story. But quick to jump on a tweet for sure,” Duncan tweeted.

Duncan’s tweets come as Wikileaks continues to release hacked emails from Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta’s personal email account, and amid alleged hacks into the Democratic party and US election offices. US intelligence has indicated Russia is behind the hacks of the Democratic National Committee and Podesta’s emails.

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