West York Mayor resigns after racist Facebook posts

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WEST YORK — West York Council members have accepted Mayor Charles Wasko’s resignation after he made numerous racist Facebook posts.

Wasko wrote a letter to the council after he was asked to resign because he posted several racist comments to his Facebook page.

Wasko was absent from the meeting.

Borough Council President Shawn Mauck said, “We stand united against that message of hate. We’re going to continue to stand united against it. It’s not right. It’s wrong. There’s no excuse for it. Period.”

Mauck said the mayor should have apologized. Many people voiced their concerns at the meeting and urged the council to accept Wasko’s resignation.

Wasko’s resignation letter includes four conditions, one of which asks the council to “entertain” his request to hire a sergeant for the Police Department. Mauck said they are already doing that.

The other three conditions were personnel issues. Wasko stated if one of the four conditions is met, he will resign.

People at the meeting said they are happy with the council’s decision to accept Wasko’s resignation.

Carla Christopher, with an organization called Put People First, said, “I’m still ricocheting from being horrified that we could even be presented with a list of demands after being honestly embarrassed on a national stage. But I’m so excited about how swift and decisive this movement was.”

Mauck will fill in as mayor of West York on October 21st until next year.

“I’m going to do everything I can to reassure each and every one of you that there’s a better way to do this job. That we can build a better West York. And have a mayor that’s still active and worked with the council the legilative bodies,” he said.

FOX43’s Caitlin Sinett will have the full story tonight at 10.

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