Ask Evan: Can I change my absentee ballot once it’s mailed?

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This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Matt M from Spring Grove.  He asks, "Evan..  I heard you can change your absentee ballot once you mail it in other states.  can you do the same in Pennsylvania?"  I went to the PA Department of State for answers.  The answer is yes, and no.  Here's the deal.  If you send in an absentee ballot and change your mind, the only way to void the absentee ballot is to show up at your designated polling station to vote on Election Day.  Poll officials will have a record that you already voted via absentee ballot.  Once you show up and vote in person, they will send work to election officials to void the absentee ballot.  If you don't go to the poll and vote, your absentee ballot will be counted and there is no other ability to change it.  So, if you are voting via absentee ballot, choose wisely!

By the way, there are a few absentee ballot deadlines coming up.  You have to request an absentee ballot by November 1.  However, absentee ballots must be received at your county election office by November 4 or it won't counted.  Since that is a very tight window, election officials suggest requesting an absentee ballot no later than October 21.  That allows for sufficient time to receive, fill-out and return the ballot to make sure your voted is counted.

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