Repairs to loose railroad tracks create downtown York detours

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YORK, Pa. -- A three-day construction project in York may cause a lot of traffic for drivers, and a lack of traffic for shops and businesses. There are a few intersections for drivers to avoid if they're headed downtown over the weekend.

Loose tracks at a railroad crossing in downtown York have been a headache for some drivers, but now that intersection is getting fixed.

Still, the fix might not be a smooth ride for some.

The downtown construction project could cause a lot of traffic for drivers, but also a lack of traffic for business.

Right in the middle of the West Philadelphia Street closure in downtown York is Tony Orr Sons & Daughters Barber Shop.

Barber Elgin Kent said "it's really slow. It's Friday, everybody comes to the barber shop on Friday, getting ready for the weekend, but because of the construction going on out there, it gave us a big surprise."

The road may be closed, but the barber shop is still open for business.

"Customers are going to come. You just got to be patient.  You've got to find alternate parking. They'll be here, just got to be patient," Kent said.

Crews are repairing the loose railroad tracks at a crossing that had become a headache for drivers. The fix has part of Philadelphia Street closed Friday through Monday, between Beaver Street and Pershing Avenue.

"Even though the sign's been posted for the past week, nobody really paid attention to it, but we feel it now," Kent said.

Customer Rick Evans said "I was shocked that I couldn't make a left, to come park where I normally park a. The roads are closed, due to this construction, you can't even park in the parking lot."

The repairs may bring some peace and quiet to nearby worshipers at the York Friends Quaker Meeting House.

Wim Ney said "there's a lot of clap, clop, clop, clop, clop, clop, from cars going over and so forth.  I'm happy they're actually finally working on it."

"I mean I'm glad they're doing something about it, but again, it's just a real big inconvenience," Evans said.

The railroad crossing repairs are expected to be completed by 7 am Monday, just in time for the morning rush.

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