Police and neighbors address spike in burglaries in York County

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YORK, Pa. — Many neighborhoods across York County are seeing an uptick in crime.

Some people who live in Springdale Neighborhood in York are concerned after multiple burglaries and car thefts reported in the area.

The neighborhood is known for being a safe place, but in the past few months, more crimes have been reported there. Neighbors even say they’ve seen people peering into their houses through the windows.

Victoria Connor, president of Springdale Neighborhood Association, said, “We have had an incidence of crime: A lot of attempted break-ins, people entering unlocked homes and unlocked vehicles and that sort of thing.”

But the crime is not just occurring in the city. Similar incidents are happening throughout the county, including Spring Garden Township. In one day, police reported multiple burglaries and a car stolen.

“At this particular time they’re seeing an increase in crime county-wide. So the police chiefs are working together across many jurisdictions to hopefully apprehend the people who are responsible very soon,” Connor said.

York City Police Chief Wes Kahley said in a statement to FOX43, “Since this spike in burglaries is happening in several places throughout York County, we are working with other jurisdictions to bring an end to the issue. Arrests have already been made and more are planned.”

And Attorney Suzanne Smith urges homeowners to let police handle these criminals, instead of taking the law into your own hands.

“The locking of the doors, the being more observant, those are the things you aren’t going to get in trouble doing. If you make a phone call to 911. But if you shoot somebody, hurt somebody in a fashion, that could lead you to getting criminal charges,” Smith said.

Recently Springdale Neighborhood Association teamed up with the County Sheriff’s Department for a “Refuse to be a Victim” safety seminar.

Connor said, “We have been in contact with the York City Police and the mayor’s office. We’ve conducted some home safety training for our residents, and they’ve advised to take the usual safety precautions. Keep the lights on, lock your doors, check in on your neighbors, those sorts of safety tips.”

On November 2, there will be a meeting at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall with Mayor Kim Bracey and Chief Kahley, where officials will discuss recent events and provide people with an update on their progress.

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