“The South” wins annual Gettysburg half-marathon for the first time

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STRABAN TOWNSHIP, ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. -- Hundreds of people traveled to Adams County on Sunday for the 6th Annual Gettysburg Blue-Gray Half Marathon and 5K.

Runners in the event had the opportunity to pick which side they wanted to represent, the blue (North) or the gray (South). Runners are free to choose whichever side, but are urged to pick based on where they live or where their ancestors lived during the Civil War.

The event benefits a very important cause in our communities. 

"The paralyzed veterans, we donate money directly to them. I got connected with the paralyzed veterans of America, they have a racing team, and a number of the people here today racing are mobility impaired competitors," Lowell Ladd, Race Director for the Blue-Gray Half Marathon said.

Overall, runners representing the South won the half-marathon. Ladd said this is the first time in the 12 races that he's put on in Gettysburg over the past six years that the South has come out on top.

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