Breeze for one more day, cooler Tuesday

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HANG ON JUST A LITTLE LONGER: We stay breezy overnight tonight and for most of the day tomorrow, with chilly gusts out of the northwest up to 25mph. dma-futurecast-wind-arrows-pmThey calm down heading towards Tuesday night and into Wednesday.

COOLER TEMPS AHEAD: After being spoiled with 80s last week, highs will dip into the mid 50s for much of the week. It’s going to be the type of weather where you’re needing the coat in the morning, but only a light jacket, if anything at all, for your afternoons, with lots of sunshine.

bl_3-day-forecast-pm-csvSHOWER CHANCES RETURN: Showers are likely heading into Thursday afternoon and evening as you come home from work. They will be scattered, so odds are you’ll see at least a drop or two across most of the area. Skies clear after that, with lots of sunshine heading into the weekend.

Have a great day!

-Meteorologist Bradon Long