‘It’s a good start’ Officers to police west and south ends of York

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YORK, Pa. -Since January, the Neighborhood Enforcement Unit, that makes officers part of the community, has not been in the south or west ends of the city.

"We had some retirements that we weren't expecting- those sorts of things. We operate just like any other third class city. Kind of on the raged edge so to speak, in that we should have a lot more officers than we actually do," said Chief Wes Kahley.

"We're in the process of trying to make our neighborhood better, but we can't because other folks, come in the neighborhood and pop, pop, pop here and pop, pop, pop there. You know we have kids on this street, they can't come outside and play," said Gloria Ramos.

"I don't feel safe letting my kids or my grand kids out. There's just too much going on. Especially now. There's too much going on," said Denise Franklin.

Chief Kahley says there are now enough police to bring back the Neighborhood Enforcement Unit.
"The issue is we now have a lot of work to do. We lost a lot of ground since January," says Chief Kahley.

"It's a very good start . It's a very good start and maybe, just maybe our children can go outside and start playing and not have to worry about getting shot," said Ramos.

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