Forum organizer urges voters to focus on local candidates

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Election Day 2016 is less than two weeks away, but that hasn't slowed down many candidates as they enter the home stretch on their races.

Getting elected is all about getting votes and for many candidates, there's no better way than meeting voters up close and in person.

A candidate forum by the Harrisburg Political Coalition, gave voters a chance to get to see who they're voting for and what they stand for on the issues.

Forum organizer and president of the Harrisburg alumni chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Kristal Turner-Childs said "often times, we see a name and we really don't know what they stand for, so we wanted to have an event where people could come and ask tough questions and get solid answers."

One-by-one, candidates for the Pennsylvania state House and Senate, as well as Congress, addressed the concerns of voters.

It's why Turner-Childs urges voters to turn their attention to certain races.

"Yes we have a presidential race going on, everybody knows that, but what affects us here, is what happens locally. We need to ensure that the members of our community understand the people who are running for these offices," Turner-Childs said.

These final steps on the campaign trail may determine whether these candidates have convinced these voters at this forum to give them their support.

"We ride around each and every day, and we see a name, but we can't associate it with a face. It's important that these people come in and be engaged with our communities. We want to know that you're hearing what our issues are," Turner-Childs said.