National American Beer Day celebrates the history of our home-made brews

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YORK, Pa.-- National American Beer Day provides a day for us to celebrate the history of our American-made brews.

Each brewery has a story and history, and today is the day to celebrate them!

Vicki Stambaugh, the event coordinator at Brewery Products, has come to the FOX43 Kitchen with four American-made beers to sample.

These include:

Budweiser - Anheuser-Busch gives you the ability to literally hold an ice cold America in your hand. Available through November the Budweiser can has been given a patriotic face lift. As you enjoy a refreshing Budweiser feel good in knowing how many American jobs it took to get the Bud to you. From the brewmasters, to production and packaging, data entry, shipping, receiving and delivery just to get the beer to our warehouse. Our staff of approximately 60 then get the product into your hands by delivering to your favorite local tavern or 6 pack or case store.

Rusty Rail’s Crisp Blue Collar Blonde Ale - It is brewed under 2 hours away in Mifflinburg PA. The founders of Rusty Rail took a vacant manufacturing building from 1911 which had been empty for 10 years and provided jobs and a purpose to a small community. The building is most notable for making the wooden frames for Model T cars before the assembly line. Their beers definitely represent Americana and small town USA.

Yuengling Traditional Lager - From "America's Oldest Brewery", Traditional lager was reintroduced in 1987 and it’s well balanced, medium bodied flavor accounts for 80% of Yuengling’s sales. Started by a German immigrant the brewery has spanned over 185 years and six generations of the Yuengling family. They are truly an example of the American dream.

Crystal Ball's Coconut Ale - A local favorite ads a twist to the traditional porter with the addition of real toasted coconut for a hint of tropical flavor. Crystal Ball Brewing was started by 3 Spring Grove graduates and their beer is brewed on King Street in West York. The community support behind Crystal Ball has fueled their success. In addition to their tasting room at the brewery look for their second location to open in downtown York in the near future.