Poll: What’s the worst Halloween trick-or-treat candy?

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As tiny ghosts and goblins, and witches and Harry Potter look-alikes go door knocking to collect their candy bounty, American households will have defined their identity by the choice of treat they hand out.

According to the National Confectioners Association, more than 75 percent of American households will hand out trick-or-treat candy this Halloween. Of that, 68 percent said that chocolate is the big-ticket item most likely to please, while the infamous, sugary candy corn takes second place.

The association encourages parents to teach their children to eat their treats in moderation. Association research shows that 85 percent of parents have a plan in place to teach them how to manage their treat in-take post Halloween trick-or-treating.

National Confectioners Association fun candy facts:

  • When it comes to candy corn, 52 percent of people say it’s just not Halloween without it (48 percent of people say they’d just as soon skip it).
  •  72 percent of households will hand out two (50 percent) or three (22 percent) pieces of candy per trick-or-treater.
  • Nearly 3/4 of Americans (72 percent) say that chocolate is their favorite Halloween treat.
  • Chocolate scored top points among ALL age groups, but was most popular among those ages 45 to 60, who preferred it over other candies by 78 percent.
  • More than six in 10 shoppers choose their own favorites when picking out Halloween candy.
  • Four in 10 shoppers take into consideration their families’ preferences or let price, sales and promotions decide the purchase.

That said, there are treats children, and let’s be honest, parents, look forward to collecting every Halloween. The association survey reports that 70 percent of parents confess to sharing candy from their child’s haul.

Some treats are more beloved than others.

What’s the worst Halloween trick-or-treat candy?





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