Pennsylvanians not happy with health insurance

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It is open enrollment for health care insurance. That is the time that you can switch-up your insurance plans and even choose a new one.

A new survey conducted by the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease says 70% of people in Pennsylvania are not happy with the insurance they have right now.

The two big complaints about health insurance include high out of pocket payments or services that they thought were covered that actually weren't covered. That's according to Dr. Ken Thorpe, the chairman of the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease.

Health benefits are supposed to benefit you and your family, but according to a new survey, that hasn't been the case for 7 out of 10 Pennsylvanians.
Thorpe says the high rate of increases in out of pocket costs and premiums are causing the most frustration.

"They just look at the monthly premiums that you have to pay, but that's not the full story."

With a variety of unique health plans to choose from, Thorpe says the full financial obligations are what consumers should be considering.

"In many cases, the out of pocket costs can actually be higher than what the monthly premium is."

So, in order to make sure your plan is the right plan-- some changes have been made to the healthcare dot gov website.

"It allows you to enter in the hospitals you go to, your medications and what it will do is tell you whether or not the different plans cover the medications, and if they do, what you have to pay out of pocket."

Another thing people may want to consider while enrolling, is if your current physician is part of your network.


Full interview with Dr. Ken Thorpe, Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease:



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