Sen. Toomey hosts meet and greet with local law enforcement in York County

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CONEWAGO TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY --  Republican Senator Pat Toomey making a campaign stop in York County Wednesday, hosting a meet and greet with some local police officers and first responders at Strinestown Community Fire Company in Conewago Township.

Toomey acknowledged the hard work law enforcement and first responders do in the community, and the everyday sacrifices they make to keep others safe.

He says he has always been a supporter of local law enforcement and first responders, and has handled multiple law enforcement issues while working in the senate.

"For the vast majority of men and women who put on that blue uniform and a badge, the vast majority of all first responders are good and decent people who protect us everyday. and we should be grateful to them," said Toomey at the event.

Toomey is the incumbent republican senator, running against democrat Katie McGinty in this year's race for United States Senate.