Police officers grow beards to raise money for cancer awareness

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EAST HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Local police officers are getting a pass on shaving this month, but it's not a free pass.  The "Beards for Brothers" campaign coincides with "No Shave November."  Many law enforcement departments prohibit facial hair in uniform, but this month officers can pay $25 into a fund for cancer awareness.  Once that donation is made, the officers aren't allowed to touch their beards until November 30th.  Each trim costs an additional $25.

The campaign started three years ago with the East Hempfield Township Police Department.  Now 11 departments participate and decide together where the money will go.  This year, all of the money that's raised will benefit 15-year-old Rebekah Gerace.  Rebekah is the daughter of Lancaster City Police Sergeant Michael Gerace.  She was recently diagnosed with a Chordoma, a type of cancer that attaches to the skull.  Rebekah had surgery in June and is currently undergoing radiation treatments at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Officers say the campaign is duel-purpose: it helps to raise awareness about cancer, but also allows law enforcement agencies to be proactive in developing relationships in the communities they serve.


Donations can also be made to the fund through a GoFundMe account.  Organizers say the goal will continue to be increased as it's met.  Click here to donate.

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