Poll: Whose presidential campaign ads are more negative?

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According to Kantar Media/CMAG, a company that tracks political advertising, voters in the three largest battleground states will see upwards of $20 million in television ads in the final days leading up to Election Day.

CNN reported that both campaigns have focused a large part of their spending on Florida, which will see nearly $10 million in ads this week. They also took out ad buys putting upwards of $5 million each in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

If the World Series ads are any indication of what to expect in the final stretch, the ads are probably going to be negative in their last ditch effort to sway registered voters. The ads aired during Game 7 were mostly negative.

Clinton bought a 60-second spot titled “What he believes,” which was a rundown of controversial statements Trump has made about women. Clinton’s best-reviewed ad of the general election, “Role models,” was also aired. Her third ad, “Just One,” showed clips of Trump and warned that he would be dangerous if elected president, CNN reported.

Trump’s campaign ran a mix of positive and negative spots. “Corruption” was a bleak ad accusing Clinton of “decades of lies and scandal.” “Choice” was a compare and contrast ad, saying “Clinton will keep us on the road to stagnation” while “Trump will bring the change we’re waiting for.”

He ended it with: “A future brighter than our past. The choice is yours.”

Whose presidential campaign ads are more negative?




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