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Vice President Joe Biden campaigns for Clinton in Harrisburg

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Vice President Joe Biden campaigned for Hillary Clinton Sunday in Harrisburg.

Election Day is just two days away, and both Clinton and Donald Trump are vying in Pennsylvania for votes.

Biden took to the stage at the Lincoln Administration Building on State Street

He proposed free community college tuition, raising the minimum wage, and spoke about how America is already a great country to live in despite what Trump says.

Biden said at the rally, "Because of the grit and determination of all you folks here in Harrisburg, Claymont, Scranton, Wilminton, all over America. We've gone from criss to recovery, we're on the cusp of genuine resurgence."

Hundreds of people filled the room to listen to him speak.

Yael Farber, from Carlisle, said, I'm just really overwhelmed by how amazing it is to have such support for voters here in Pennsylvania. And getting to be a part of this is really once in a lifetime."

Other speakers were U.S. Senate candidate Katie McGinty and State Attorney General candidate Josh Shapiro.

Shapiro said, "It's invigorating and exciting. Just the last couple days I was in Erie, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, Chester County, here in Dauphin County all across Pennsylvania. We are getting a good response. I want to be the people's attorney general. If you want to be the people's attorney general you have to visit with the people, and that's exactly what we're doing."

Biden also spoke about how important it is to vote in Pennsylvania.

Biden said, "We lose Pennsylvania - we likely lose this election."

And people who attended the rally agreed.

Norman Bristol Colon of Lancaster said, "It's also the most consequential election in the world. World leaders are looking at us and they are seeing, they are hoping in Pennsylvania that we deliver the White House to the right person for all the right reasons. Not only for the United States, but for the world."

Pennsylvania as a state has voted Democrat in he past six presidential elections. And Biden is hoping it goes blue at least one more time for this election.

BIden said, "That's what this election is about, so go out and vote, go out and vote and bring everyone to the polls."

Monday Clinton and Pres. Barack Obama will make one final campaign push in Philadelphia.