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Winter Weather Awareness Week is here!

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You feel the crunch of the frozen grass under your feet, shiver as the temperatures cool, even sniff at the frozen air; it’s different this time of year, as the water vapor stays frozen and begins to fall. Winter is almost upon us!

Sunday kicks off Winter Weather Awareness Week for Central PA, and even though temperatures are still well into the 50s and 60s in the week ahead, it’s still time to think about how to prepare for the imminent cool down ahead.

Winter is the most dangerous time of year for drivers here in the Commonwealth, but there are several steps to take to ensure you are ready to face the sometimes frozen roads and always chilly air ahead.

prepare-for-winter-storms2TUNE YOUR CAR: Make sure your breaks are up to snuff, tire pressure adjusted for the cold, wiper fluid and antifreeze filled up to their proper levels so that your vehicle will have the least chance at breaking down or under-performing in the cold.



HAVE A SAFETY KIT: ALWAYS have a flashlight and batteries handy, no matter the time of year. For winter, keep a shovel handy so you can dig yourself out of whatever situation you may encounter in the snow. Sand or cat litter can help provide traction if you get stuck. Also, just in case you reach a point where you’re at the mercy of the tow truck, keep a blanket in your vehicle to stay warm. And, as always, water and a little food is a must.

FILL THE TANK: Traffic can really slow in the Winter months, but you’ll use just as much, if not more gas when traveling in the Winter. Always keep your tank at least half-full to be prepared to handle the travel, and also to avoid having ice in the tank and fuel lines.

prepare-for-winter-storms4NEVER LEAVE YOUR CAR: If you do happen to get stuck, NEVER LEAVE YOUR CAR. Wait for the tow truck, keep your kit at the ready to give yourself the best chance to stay warm and safe during inclement Winter weather.


We’ll be giving you tips all week long on how to best prepare for the Winter months. Stay tuned to FOX43, we’ll give you the information you need to keep you safe.

-Meteorologist Bradon Long