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Five-year-old sells bookmarks for babies

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A five-year-old brings smiles to babies, and their mothers at a Harrisburg hospital on Thursday.

She raised money on her own, selling bookmarks for $2.00, to buy a special gift for premature born infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Pinnacle Health Harrisburg.

At only five-years-old, little Olivia is on a mission.

Olivia Geissler said "I wanted to help the babies, because I love babies."

Olivia's mother Jenna Geissler said "Olivia was born here, I work in the operating room here, so this hospital holds a special place in our hearts. We just wanted to do something great for the babies here."

Olivia sold 600 'Bookmarks for Babies,' which was enough to buy several rockaRoos and mamaRoos for infants in the NICU.

"I come up here a lot to help those cases and surgeries in the NICU, so it was a place that we discussed and talk about that we really wanted to come and help," Jenna Geissler said.

Pinnacle Health NICU nurse manager Tina Willier said "she told us she raised enough money to buy one, and we were amazed when she came with five, that's a lot of bookmarks to have to sell, to buy these mamaRoos because we know how expensive they are."

Olivia's gift will be much appreciated at the NICU.

NICU nurse manager Tina Willier said "Like those commercials when you see the fussy baby going for a car ride, we can't take them out for a car ride, but we can put them in a mamaRoo," Willier said.

It's no wonder some at the hospital call Olivia a little miracle worker.

"It's great. It's really wonderful. We're so proud," Jena Geissler said.

Olivia Geissler wasn't born prematurely herself, but her idea to help babies was born out of her own creativity.

"She had library that day to hand out bookmarks at school, and she loves to decorate them, so she got the idea to make them and sell them, and collect money to donate to the hospital," Jena Geissler said.