Police release findings in Lebanon Transit bus crash

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LEBANON, Pa.–Police have released their findings after a three-month long investigation into a multi-vehicle accident involving a Lebanon Transit bus.

It happened on Aug. 17 along 10th Street after a Lebanon Transit bus was struck by a vehicle driven by Jose Otero-Perez Jr., 33, of North Cornwall Township. Police say Otero-Perez drove through a red light and did not have a valid license on the date of the crash.

After the initial collision, the bus was unable to stop and created a path of destruction as the bus driver, 43-year-old Dawn Fradera,  tried to navigate it through the streets. The bus finally came to a stop after crashing into a dumpster on Church Street.

An investigation was launched into what prevented the bus from stopping after the initial crash. Police say a bus inspection was completed by an independent contractor. The report showed no evidence of a mechanical malfunction or failure.

Authorities say there is no clear reason why the Fradera was unable to stop after the initial accident. Investigators do say there was audio and visual evidence which showed Fradera making attempts to stop the bus from moving forward.

No charges will be filed against Fradera, according to police reports.

Traffic citations were filed against Ostero-Perez Jr. as a result of the initial crash.

The bus was carrying 23 people at the time of the crash.