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Nineteen people homeless as sinkhole repairs continue in Lancaster County

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EPHRATA, Pa. - Since early Tuesday morning crews have been working to repair a large sinkhole at the intersection of Pine St. and Park Ave. in Ephrata, Lancaster County.

The Borough Manager says they are not sure what caused the sinkhole. There was a water main break that may have caused it or the lack of support caused the line to break. There is no concern for water in the area.

Inside the sinkhole is a water main, gas main, and storm sewer. Since Tuesday crews have been working to repair the utilities. Once the sewer system is complete they are are hopeful they can get six people back into their apartments. For the 13 others, that live in the larger apartment building, it is unclear if and when they can return home.

"We can bring everything up and get the street back in shape, we can move overĀ  toward the apartment building. We can start to look at the soil underneath the apartment building to see if the building is safe or not," said Robert Thompson, Borough Manager.

The crews were working 24 hours a day, they will now work 12 hour days. Thompson says they have reserve funds to cover the cost.