Cumberland County Boy Scout creates tribute to Medal of Honor veterans

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CARLISLE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- Many gathered in Carlisle, Cumberland County to honor and say thanks to those who served in the Armed Forces on this Veterans Day.

A teenager with plans to serve in the military decided to honor those who served before him.

Flag-lined streets are a celebration of Veterans Day in Cumberland County; however, a local boy scout was inspired to honor vets, not just today but every day of the year.

Matthew Kunkle unveiled a long lasting monument to recognize Cumberland County's own recipients of the medal of honor.

Boy Scout Matthew Kunkle said "I attended a class at the Historical Society about the Medal of Honor recipients of Cumberland County, and when I joined scouting that was the inspiration behind the project."

Army veteran Michael Crutcher said "the young man did an absolutely superb job on it. You can see that the awards stretch from our Civil War up to fairly recently."

Kunkle plans to join the Naval Academy and serve our country, but also, he raised more than $22,000 to pay tribute to ten brave men from his own community, who served before him.

Army veteran Mike Stewart said "Medal of Honor winners are a rare breed in the military, so I didn't realize myself, I didn't realize there were 10 of them in Cumberland County."

"It means that a lot of brave and courageous people came from Cumberland County," Stewart said.

"I think it's just a great reminder to our community of the heroism of the men from our community, and to just never forget what they did, so we can be here and be able to do this," Kunkle said.

This boy scout's hard work ensures neither he, nor the vets he honors, will be forgotten on this Veterans Day and beyond.

"It's a recognition of those who have selflessly served the country. I tend to think of not only the men who I served with, but others among us. We also remember those who are not with us today," Crutcher said.

"When you see someone with a hat, with a pin, lapel pin, wearing a shirt, recognize them as a veteran. Shake their hand, thank them for their service," Stewart said.

"It's amazing to see all the support and just for the community to come out here and support the veterans for such a good cause," Kunkle said.

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