Hundreds protest election results in Harrisburg

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HARRISBURG, Pa. – Demonstrators took to the streets Friday night to protest the election of Donald Trump.

The demonstrators blocked traffic for a brief while but mostly stayed on the steps of the Capitol, protesting peacefully.

How peaceful?

Well, it’s not every day a protest breaks out into a jam session, but musicians brought some levity to the demonstration.

“We don’t want him here,” Dawn Smith of Harrisburg said. “You’ve never seen a president come in to office and this has happened all across America. So that tells you something is wrong with this man coming into our office.”

There was a wide range of people demonstrating their anger at the election results.

That included Eileen Reinnagel, a 17-year-old too young to vote, but who still had an opinion.

“The youth has a voice,” she said. “We need to be listened to if we are the future of America. Our voices need to be heard, too.”

More than 200 people started their protest at the Capitol, then marched down 3rd and Walnut before temporarily blocking traffic on 2nd Street. That’s where the protest became musically inclined before the demonstrators made their way back to the Capitol.

“We need to save this world,” Michael Burd of Lock Haven said of why he came to protest. “We really need to save this world for our children and for American citizens.”

“Maybe by coming out here, we can make a change and maybe get the government to listen to us a little bit more,” Reinnagel said.

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