Winter Weather Awareness: Frostbite and Hypothermia

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Winter Weather Awareness Week continues in the state of Pennsylvania. The final topic includes two winter dangers, frostbite and hypothermia.


Whether you are working or enjoying outdoor sports in the cold weather, it is important to keep all parts of your body bundled and warm. It is very easy to lose body heat from exposed skin, especially the head. Wind factored in with the already cold air temperature (wind chill value) can accelerate the process of heat loss from the body. Signs and symptoms of both hypothermia and frostbite are listed in the picture to the left. Always be sure to dress warmly. Hats are highly recommended, as you can lose at least half of your body heat through your head. Layers of lose fitting, warm clothes are best. Mittens also help keep fingers warmer than gloves.


Be sure to stay safe this winter! The FOX43 Weather Department will keep you updated through the cold season of any weather threats. More information on today’s topic, or other topics from the week can be found at the State College National Weather Service web page.



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