Family celebrates Lebanon Co. man turning 100

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MYERSTOWN, Pa. --  Victor Stauffer from Myerstown, Lebanon Co., is 100 years old, and celebrated with loved ones. He was tired after a long party.

His wife, Emily, was reminiscing on how it feels for him to reach this milestone.

She said, "Lot of friends around us all the time and it seemed to go very fast. It doesn't seem this long. And we'll be married 78 years on April the 9th."

Victor and Emily have two sons, seven grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren.
"We did everything together. Everything we did, we did as a couple," Emily said.

His family said they are so happy he has lived to be a century old.

Jack Stauffer, Victor's son, said, "How many people can say they went to their dad's 100th birthday party? It's just truly incredible."

Victor worked as a manager for Armour and Company, an American Meatpacking company, for more than 30 years. He also served as a pastor in Zion Grove and Clarks Summit. His sons said he was a great pastor and is a giving father.

One day for Christmas, his sons told Victor they didn't like their gifts.

Jack said, "He said, 'Well what did you want?' And we said we wanted bowling balls. So the next day he took us to downtown Scranton, bought us bowling balls, each of us, for Christmas."

Ron Stauffer, Victor's other son, said, "That's the type of guy he was. He always did everything for us. And like I said, I never heard him or mom have an argument, never fighting."

And Emily said victor has a secret to staying healthy for 100 years.

She said, "He puts ketchup on everything and I think that's what keeps him healthy and that keeps him so long. I went down one time and the nurse said he didn't want to eat his soup. So she said you know what I did?  I put ketchup in and he ate every piece of it."

Emily will be turning 98 in February.






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