Thousands of pounds of potatoes dropped off to feed local families

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LEMOYNE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, PA. --  A portion of nearly 40,000 pounds of potatoes made their way to Central Pennsylvania on Saturday.

The potato drop, hosted by the Grace United Methodist Church, provides food for those in need. "We are taking off the truck 45,000 pounds of potatoes," volunteer Robert Nicholas said. "They have been processed, they are what they call number two grade."

"They wouldn't be ones that you see in the supermarket," Gary Wilkins, the event organizer said. "They pick all of the best ones and then these are just left in the field. But they're perfectly edible, there's nothing wrong with them. Because of the Society of St. Andrew and organizations like our church.  It gets to food banks, soup kitchens and to other needy individuals."

Those in need could also take free bags to help feed their families.

"Most of us are pretty well set. We don't think of people out there in need of food," Nicholas said.

The York Rescue Mission was given about 15,000 pounds of the potatoes.

"We're picking up 3,000 pounds of potatoes today that need divided up among those 5,000 people and it's just an enormous benefit for us," Al Savard, Catholic Harvest Food Pantry member, said. "It really is a great way for all of us to recognize what Thanksgiving is all about and that is to help those who are a little less fortunate than the rest of us may be."

"These gentleman, most of them were here at 6 a.m. They just love doing it," Wilkins said.

"It's a good feeling when you get done doing all of this and helping somebody out. I just like volunteering," Nicholas said.

"If you look at the bottom line, these potatoes are going to benefit thousands of people in Central Pennsylvania and I'm just so grateful," Wilkins said.


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