Harrisburg city councilwoman announces bid for mayor

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HARRISBURG, PA. -- If Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse runs for a second term next year, he will have competition from a former city councilwoman.

Democrat Gloria Martin-Roberts plans to turn her love of the city into a run for mayor. Roberts announced her candidacy on Monday at the National Civil War Museum. Currently Mayor Papenfuse says he wants to close the museum. It's one of the many things on which he and Martin-Roberts differ.

Roberts last served on city council in 2011, and is running on a platform of what she calls a "city of unity," trying to bring all neighborhoods together.

"I honestly believe that having select and favorite neighborhoods is divisive," Martin-Roberts said. "When people drive through one area of the city and they see its getting more attention than areas that are getting blighted for years that creates a division and it's not necessary."

Mayor Papenfuse has not yet announced whether he will run for a second term.

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