Family fears sinkhole could swallow home

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MAHANOY TOWNSHIP — A family in Schuylkill County has been forced out of their home after a giant hole opened up in their backyard.

Tracey Quick and her husband were at home Saturday night, when they said they heard an odd noise coming from the backyard.

When they went to check it out, they saw the ground opening up.

“It started cracking. The whole house sounded like it was going to go. It was horrible,”┬ásaid Tracey.

Quick woke up her children and everyone got out of the home safely.

Officials believe there was mining done beneath the hole at some point, and an unfilled mine path may have caved. The hole is about 40 feet wide and at least 30 feet deep.

The Department of Environmental Protection and Emergency Management is treating the situation as an emergency, and are trying to determine if the home can be saved.