Thirteen still homeless due to sinkhole in Lancaster County

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EPHRATA, Pa. – A large sinkhole at the intersection of Pine St. and Park Ave. in Ephrata, Lancaster County continues to be worked on. The Ephrata Police chief says a lot of progress was made over the weekend however, on Thursday, work will have to stop for geotests to be completed. Results, from the tests, will determine how the rest of the work is completed. Results from the testing will also determine whether or not 13 people can move back into their apartments. The tenants were evacuated when the sinkhole was discovered on Tuesday, November 8.

Six people that live in a smaller apartment building were allowed to move back into their homes.

“I’m happy to be home, but scared to death. I just hope it doesn’t get, it won’t get any bigger, but I just feel very scared,” said Terrie Bachart, who has lived in the building for nearly 45 years.

Bachart does feel they would not let her move back in if it were not safe. There is no timeline for if or when the other tenants will be allowed back in their building.

“I feel sorry for them and I hope they get back in soon. I really do because they don’t know what to do. All their belongings and everything they own is in there,” said Sandra Auker,  neighbor.