Project SHARE food bank comes up short on Thanksgiving turkey donations

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A Cumberland County food bank is coming up short on donations to its annual turkey drive.

Project SHARE in Carlisle provides about 1,500 turkeys to area families in need, but it's still about 150 short.

At Project SHARE, Thanksgiving isn't just about giving thanks, but giving to others.

One week out from Thanksgiving Day and the staff are already talking turkey.

Project SHARE executive director and founder Elaine Livas said "people are thinking about Thanksgiving Day, instead of that we give food out before Thanksgiving. Those turkeys are frozen solid, so we need to be able to give them out so people have time to let them thaw before the dinner."

It's why volunteers are out delivering turkeys with all the fixing necessary to people such as Theresa Tritle to make a proper Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey recipient Theresa Tritle said "it means a lot to me because they are taking their time and efforts to donate to people who don't have money to buy stuff who are in need."

Some may wonder about having enough food to put on the table, while Project SHARE hasn't received enough turkeys to provide for everyone it serves.

"It makes your Thanksgiving all the more wonderful, knowing that you provided one for somebody else. We thank everybody who has responded, and please drop by and bring a turkey when you're picking up yours," Livas said.

People like John Eichhorn aren't just giving thanks this Thanksgiving, but giving turkeys.

"I know the need and it's just something i think about this time of year," Eichhorn said.

"It's a day that we're supposed to give thanks and be with family and stuff. That day is a big day for everybody," Tritle said.

Thanksgiving is not the only day Project SHARE stocks up on food.

"Hunger is a 365 day a year issue, in our community, and it doesn't need to be, we need to work more and more with people and show them that there will is a way to feed your family," Livas said.

Eichhorn and Tritle may never meet, but both share something to celebrate this Thanksgiving.

"It feels good, anytime you can help someone out, it makes you feel good," Eichhorn said.

"I'm very thankful for project share and for the people who donate to project share to help people like us," Tritle said.

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