Poll: Will you talk politics at Thanksgiving dinner?

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Turkey Talk Line

Picture this — you’ve nailed your Thanksgiving dinner. Guests have arrived safe and sound. Everyone is in good spirits. The bird looks succulent.

And then…someone starts to talk politics.

Does the kitchen table suddenly look like ammo – mashed potatoes would be a good place to start a food fight, or does someone take control of the conversation, defusing it to a minimum roar, an agreed feeling, or a guided transition to talking about other subjects?

CNN reported on how to talk about politics at Thanksgiving dinner. They offer five pointers you should consider if or when the discussion of President-elect Donald Trump, or his former rival Democrat Hillary Clinton, are brought up. If the political conversation does continue:

  1. Stick to nonthreatening conversations
  2. Don’t take the bait
  3. Admit when you’ve put your foot in your mouth
  4. Don’t be afraid to right the ship
  5. If you must bring up a tough subject, do so with compassion

Will you talk politics at Thanksgiving dinner?