Warrant issued for Carlisle mother charged with abuse of her 4-month-old son

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Kanisha Godbee

CARLISLE, Pa. – Carlisle Borough Police have an arrest warrant for 20-year-old Kanisha Godbee charging her with Aggravated Assault and Endangering Welfare of Children involving her 4-month-old son.

On October 18 at approximately 1:57 p.m. Carlisle Police responded to 307 N Bedford Street, Unit #B, for a 4-month-old infant having great difficulty breathing, being unresponsive, and turning  blue.

Officers arrived just as the EMT’s from Company 40 arrived.  As officers  prepared to assist EMS in getting their equipment into the house, the child’s mother, identified as Godbee, came down carrying the infant. She told the first responders that the baby had rolled off the bed onto the floor and fallen flat on his face.  She also stated that the child fell last night, and then that afternoon began having trouble breathing and crying, and that he turned blue.   Godbee said that she performed CPR on the infant.

The child was transported to Hershey Medical Center where he was seen by the Child Protection Team at that time due to the suspicion of child abuse.  The infant was found to be suffering from several bruises to his face including his forehead, upper lip and an area on his left cheek. The upper lip on the inside of his gum-line was torn.  He also had several scratches on his hands, including a laceration to each of his thumbs at the joint closest to his palm. On both of  the baby’s feet, his toes showed lacerations at the joints of the big toes.  Both his ears were covered in scabs around the outside visible portion.  A full body x-ray revealed 8 rib fractures, a broken femur and a broken tibia on his right leg.

The Child Protection Team stated,  ‘No medical cause has been identified for the child’s injuries to date. He could not have caused these injuries to himself. There was no history provided that accounts for his injuries.  The injuries are highly suggestive of inflicted injury. Additional concern is noted for the baby’s poor weight gain.’

During an interview with the Child Protection team at Hershey Medical Center, Godbee told investigators that the baby lived with her and his older half-sister. There are no other adults living in the family’s home. Her children do not attend daycare but rather stay home with  Godbee full time.  Godbee’s mother and sister occasionally watch the children for her. Her sister reportedly watched the baby  two days ago but Godbee said, ‘my son is always with me.’“

A warrant for her arrest was issued Wednesday morning.