Ambulance hits police cruiser along Route 15 in Upper Allen Township

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UPPER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, CUMBERLAND COUNTY–An ambulance transporting a person to a local hospital Friday night struck a police cruiser in Cumberland County.

It happened as an officer with the Upper Allen Township Police Department was conducting a traffic stop along Route 15 north near mile marker 38, according to police reports. As the officer was speaking to the driver of the vehicle, his marked police cruiser was struck by a Citizens Hose Co. 1 ambulance.

The ambulance was transporting a person from Dillsburg to a local hospital, according to investigators. The police cruiser was damaged and the officer was hit by flying debris from the crash. Investigators say the officer wasn’t hurt.

The ambulance sustained minor damage and the patient was transferred to another ambulance to be taken to the hospital.

Investigators say drivers should be cautious when approaching or passing emergency responders. Drivers are urged to pass in a lane not adjacent to that of the emergency response area. If passing in the nonadjacent lane is impossible illegal or unsafe, they must pass in a careful and prudent reduced speed which is reasonable to safely pass the emergency response area.