Local family shares their adoption story

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. - Lil and Jay, from Lancaster County, have been married for 15 years. They had two biological children before deciding to become a foster family through Cobys Family Services. What they thought would be a two week stay has turned into a permanent placement. They recently adopted twins, T.J. and Tanaliz,9. Now they are a happy family of six. Their other children are Makenzia, 7 and Lane, 10.

"I always wanted to adopt children. Ever since I was a little girl. I always wanted to adopt a child," said Lil.

Jay was not always keen on the idea.

"I didn't really feel a strong connection to adoption and yet I also saw the needs," he said.

The Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network (SWAN) reports 2,500 kids in Pennsylvania are waiting to be adopted and between 13,000-15,000 are in foster care.

"We can’t make a difference everywhere in the world, but we can make a difference one person at a time and so I felt this is one way we can make a difference," said Jay.

The family says it is a long slow process and at times,  it was difficult and still is, but they take advantage of the post adoption services provided by the state and Cobys.

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