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Blue lines on a roadway in Lancaster County show support for law enforcement

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CONOY TOWNSHIP, Pa. - On a few roads in Conoy Township, Lancaster County blue lines are painted between the yellow lines. Stephen Morh, the chairman for the Conoy Township board of supervisors says he came up with the idea over the summer. Though a blue line is in support of law enforcement, he says the line is in support of all first responders.

PennDOT officials say the line goes against national and state standards for roadways. The officials feel it could be a distraction to drivers and if a crash occurs, due to the lines, Conoy Township could be liable.

"We want our emergency responders (to feel) appreciated and I don’t think we are going to have a knockdown drag out battle between PennDOT and ourselves," said Mohr.

Since PennDOT does not have jurisdiction of the road no action will be taken. Mohr says the lines are here to stay.