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FOX43 Finds Out: Keeping your packages safe from so-called “Porch Pirates”

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The convenience of a click makes online shopping and shipping so easy for the holiday season.

Plus, having your gifts show up right at your door is pretty nice too.

However, experts say to beware of porch pirates.

Those are the thieves who look for packages on door steps and swipe them before you get home from work.

It happens right in Central Pennsylvania.

Last year, people on ann street in Middletown, Dauphin County told fox43 they noticed a few packages missing from their holiday orders.

Police say it's hard to track down the thieves in these cases because they largely go unreported and it's hard to track without security cameras, but now there are some relatively cheap options to keep your deliveries safe.

"We want our packages to be delivered to ourselves if we want them delivered to loved ones, help them with that technology," said Pedro Melendez, a home security consultant with Best Buy.

He recommends a few devices to keep your home and deliveries safe, like the Arlo Wirefree Camera, ranging from $150 to $600.

"You get get a notification on your phone or tablet, whatever the case might be anytime motion is detected," said Melendez.

That way you can see who is on your porch, but you might not be able to stop the crooks in the act.

Another suggestion is the ring video doorbell, which cost about 200 bucks.

This allows you to interact with anyone who rings the doorbell - whether it be u-p-s or another delivery service - so you can tell them where to leave the package.

If you want the package actually placed in your home when you're not home there's the august smart lock.

It works on Bluetooth and is a keyless home entry system for your front door.

That will also cost you about $200.

"I can get a hold of my neighbor, have them swing over, drop that package off at my house because i unlocked the door, i'm still at work. Hit another button and my door is locked safe and secure," said Melendez.

There are much cheaper and less tech savvy options too.

UPS offers something known as my choice and it's free.

It's free and allows you to decided where and when your items are dropped off.

"If you know that you're not going to be home and want to re-route it to another location, perhaps a neighbor, or a ups location, you can do that even when the package is in transit," said Andy Tibbs with UPS.

Amazon allows you to ship packages to a locker location for your to pick up at a time that's good for you.

The company says Amazon lockers are available in most cities in the US.

There is something even easier and might eliminate shipping costs all together have your products shipped to a brick and mortar store!

Experts say if you do have something shipped to your own home, just keep track of your deliveries!

Know the tracking number and check every day when it will be coming.