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Hampden Twp. commissioners reject proposed commercial development

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HAMPDEN TWP., Pa. - Township commissioners Thursday unanimously rejected a proposed commercial development.

The proposed Good Hope Commons project would have been built on the southwest corner of Good Hope and Wertzville roads in Hampden Township.

Developer Bony Dawood, whose business neighbors the land in question, says his staff had worked for five years on the proposal, but said it was unlikely he will pursue anything further after the setback.

"There is a need and I think it's something that will occur at some point in the future and it was going to be a significant investment, but if the board doesn't want it, it makes life easier on me," he said.

Residents filled the commission chambers ready to voice their opposition to the project, but were told by commissioners their input was already taken in previous meetings and through correspondence.

Commissioners instead went straight to their discussion and voted unanimously to reject the zoning change that would have allowed the project to continue.

"There was a lot of negativity on the part of some of the residents for various reasons having to do with safety traffic and other issues that were very viable," commission President Al Bienstock said.

There seems to be agreement between Dawood and the commissioners that a commercial development will be built at Good Hope & Wertzville eventually, but resident opposition doomed this project.

Instead, Bienstock called on residents in attendance to form an advisory committee to come to a consensus on what should be developed on the property.