State Police investigate homicide in Salisbury Township

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SALISBURY TWP., Pa.-- Pennsylvania State Police are investigating an apparent homicide of 52-year-old man in Lancaster County.

Troopers were dispatched to a home along the 5800 block of Timothy Drive in Salisbury Township on Sunday around 12:54 p.m.

Authorities have identified the victim as the homeowner,  Dennis Pitch, 52, of Narvon. Investigators say relatives made the discovery.  An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.

Police and the district attorney’s office tell FOX43 News they are limiting what is being released to protect the integrity of the investigation.

"It could actually hurt our ability to solve it, so we know by holding back some facts, we'll know if somebody comes in and tells us the truth about something," Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said.

So far, no arrests have been made or charges filed in his death.

"The more isolated more rural area you have, you don't have as many neighbor witnesses to things," Stedman said. "By the same token, I've seen in many of those cases that people know their neighborhoods and when somebody who is not from there is driving around, a lot of times, they take note."

Officials are asking anyone with information about the incident or Pitch's personal life, specifically his whereabouts and whom he had contact with in the weeks before his death, to contact state police at 717-299-7650.

Investigators did say they believe this was indeed a homicide.

"You look at each investigation and you start out as a homicide investigation and then as you find out other facts, you can down check it from that, then we stop," Stedman said. "But you can't go the other way. It's counterproductive to go and say it's not a homicide and then it turns out to be one."


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