Poll: Do you think either voter suppression or voter fraud were used to win the presidential election?

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A vacillating Dr. Jill Stein, 2016 Green Party nominee, remains vigilant in her effort to prove that there were political strategies used to elect Republican Donald Trump as President.

Stein’s camp is demanding Trump end his alleged efforts to suppress recounts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. She said in a statement she will take her fight directly to Trump’s doorsteps Monday arguing that all Americans deserve to know if their right to vote has been respected and their vote has been counted. A rally will also be held in Harrisburg today.

Leading the first-ever multi-state presidential recount, Stein said, “Trump must stop trying to suppress the vote and the will of the people. A full, accurate hand recount and a forensic audit of the electronic voting machines is a key step toward restoring the rights of the individuals that [have] been marginalized and disenfranchised for too long. We will not stop until the civil and voting rights of all Americans are protected.”

Stein said Sunday she would “escalate” her statewide recount efforts in Pennsylvania through a federal lawsuit, after she announced she would drop it, CNN reported.

Stein cited a major cost placed on voters due to a state court ruling that she said the voters requesting the recount must pay a $1 million bond. Pennsylvania Sec. of State Pedro Cortez, a Democrat, had previously said that there was no substantial evidence leading him to believe voter fraud occurred on Election Day.

“The forces trying to stop this grassroots recount are the same ones that have been undermining our democracy and disenfranchising voters for decades,” Stein said. “Whether it’s a court in Pennsylvania demanding $1 million before even listening to the voices of ordinary voters, or an Attorney General disregarding the rule of law and demands of the people of Michigan in favor of doing Trump’s own bidding, our democracy is being stolen from us in plain sight. What we need now is not to ‘Make America Great Again,’ but to return America to its rightful owner – the people, not the powerful.”

Voter suppression is a strategy to influence the outcome of an election by discouraging or preventing people from voting. It is distinguished from political campaigning in that campaigning attempts to change likely voting behavior by changing the opinions of potential voters through persuasion and organization.

Voter fraud refers to the specific offenses of fraudulent voting, impersonation, perjury, voter registration fraud, forgery, counterfeiting, bribery, destroying already cast ballots, and a multitude of crimes related to the electoral process.

Do you think either voter suppression or voter fraud were used to win the presidential election?




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