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Fallen clock returns to National Watch and Clock Museum

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COLUMBIA, Pa., -- An award-winning, wooden clock that fell off the wall at the National Watch and Clock Museum in Lancaster County earlier this year has been fixed and returned to the museum.

The story caught attention when the museum shared a video on YouTube of two visitors touching the clock and accidentally knocking it off the museum wall, resulting in damage.

The museum says they posted the video on the internet as a learning tool to remind visitors about the importance of not touching objects in the museum.

"The work that it needed was very minimal, it looks worse than it actually was," explained Curator of Collections, Kim Jovinelli. "The artist named James Borden, who is out of Iowa, we're lucky enough that he is still around and still making these clocks, he was able to save it and fix it for us."

The wooden clock is a one-of-a-kind and has been in the museum for more than 20 years.