ISIS hostage John Cantlie appears in propoganda video

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LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 05: A June 2012 file photo of British photojournalist John Cantlie, who was captured in Syria by jihadist militants in November 2012 and who appeared in a propoganda video released by Islamic State September 18, 2014. Cantlie, who remains a prisoner, appears in the video appealing directly to the British public, and suggesting further programmes in which he would explain the philosophy of IS. (Photo by John Cantlie/Getty Images)

British journalist John Cantlie appears in a new ISIS propaganda video recently recorded in Mosul, Iraq, Iraqi security officials told CNN.

In the video, which was published Wednesday, a bearded Cantlie appears thin, wearing a heavy dark coat and black trousers. He describes how allied forces bombed four of five bridges that span the River Tigris and how the bridges’ destruction has hurt residents of the city.

He also talks about the bombing of water pipes that supply large parts of the city. The last time Cantlie was seen alive was in a July ISIS propaganda video.

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