Lifelong Middletown fan watches team play in state finals

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MIDDLETOWN, Pa. -- From football player to fan, one Middletown High School alumnus has been dedicated to the team for years.

Charles Myers has been a fan of the team for more than 70 years. The 85-year-old was once the quarterback and graduated in 1948.

Myers said, "I think it's just something that's in your blood when you play you want to follow the team."

He suffered a stroke in November a couple weeks ago but was released from the hospital in time to watch his favorite team play in the state finals against Beaver Falls.

"They're from Middletown. The whole town's behind them really," Myers said.

He's so proud of how much progress the team has made and how they finally made it to Hershey Park Stadium.

"You don't win 14 games and not expect a lot from them," Myers said.

The Middletown football coach, Brett Myers, appreciates how dedicated Myers is to those games.

"We have special fans and they do a great job for us," the coach said.

The Raiders' field is right outside Charles Myers' backyard, and he tries to go to as many home games as he can. And when the games are away, the loyal supporter continues to listen to them on his radio.

The high school football coach said, "Mister Myers was my mailman when I was a little kid. You know thanks for all the support. No different from all the other people in town and across the state that have been listening to games all year."

The Blue Raiders lost to the Beaver Falls Tigers 30-13. But no matter what, Charles Myers will always be one of the Blue Raiders' biggest fans.

"I'm just as excited if they win or lose," he said.