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Ask Evan: How much does it cost taxpayers when the lottery and state liquor stores advertise?

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This week's question deals with advertising money spent by state run agencies.

Pop M. asks, "How much does it cost Pennsylvania taxpayers when the lottery and state liquor stores advertise on television and radio?"

PA Lottery
A spokesman from the Pennsylvania Lottery said that compared to what the lottery brings in, they are not spending that much on advertising.

Here is the breakdown. For the 2015-16 fiscal year, they spent $11.5 million on television ads.  They sid that lottery sales totaled $4.1 billion for the fiscal year. The spokesman said they believe advertising is a good investment, by helping out older Pennsylvanian's from the lottery's funds.

PA Liquor Control Board
It gets a little more complex for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. They divide advertising spending into two categories.
one is alcohol education and the other is product availability and promotions.

While a spokesperson for the PLCB could not say how much they spend on advertising for the alcohol education side of their operations, they said they are creating a new campaign for next year, which is slated to cost $1 million.

The products and promotions side of operations deal with the Fine Wine and Good Spirit stores. Last fiscal year, they spent $6.7 million in six different advertising markets. The PLCB uses several platforms to advertise on, including digital and print.

Gross sales for the last fiscal year came in at $2.43 billion, including taxes.

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