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PA State Police: Shippensburg police officer under investigation for use of force

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As part of an investigation into a Shippensburg Borough police officer’s use of force, Pennsylvania State Police is using data from the scene to piece together what happened.

The scene was photographed, mapped and processed by members of the State Police Forensic Services unit, Cumberland County Office of the District Attorney David Freed explained in a statement. On December 9, Pennsylvania State Police Troop H Carlisle was requested to investigate all aspects of the incident to include the actions of Jeremiah Metcalf, and the use of force by Shippensburg Borough Police.

Investigators have obtained video evidence from at least one nearby business and the MVR dash cams mounted in the Shippensburg Police vehicles. In addition, numerous parties and witnesses have been interviewed.

“I have spent time at the scene with the investigators and at this point have reviewed all of the photographs and the MVR evidence. While the video evidence is helpful, it does not present the full picture of what took place and does not depict the actual use of force of police. It does contain very important evidence from the scene both prior to and following the use of force. I am pleased with the progress of the investigation and will continue to maintain close contact with investigating Troopers,” said Freed.

Freed also stated, “It is important to note that although Metcalf has been charged, the investigation is continuing into both his conduct and the use of force. As with any investigation, decisions on charging will be made in consultation with the investigators when the totality of the evidence has been gathered. We cannot put a timetable on any decision, but the investigators are diligent and I am confident in their abilities.”

The incident began around 3 p.m. last Friday. Shippensburg police responded to a suspicious vehicle parked in a private construction yard on West Martin Avenue. The vehicle was found to be occupied by a man, who when asked to exit his vehicle ran away. The man fled in a stolen police-marked SUV, police officers said. During his escape, the man drove the SUV directly toward one of the officers, which is when the police officer fired a gun at the man. The number of shots is under investigation. The man was hit by one or more bullets, but continued to flee for approximately 1.5 miles on multiple roadways placing the public in even greater risk, according to Shippensburg Borough Police Department.

The man was transported to Hershey Medical Center. Police officers involved in the incident were not seriously injured.