Man pleads guilty after beating a man outside a bar for his hat

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– An Ohio man plead guilty to charges after admitting that he beat a man outside an East Lampeter Township bar because the victim asked him about taking his cowboy-style hat.

Troy Hardesty, 28, plead guilty to felony aggravated assault and a misdemeanor theft regarding the June 5 incident at Lancaster Family Resort.

The incident began when Hardesty took the victim’s hat and hid it in his pants. The victim proceeded to follow Hardesty and ask for the hat back. In the parking lot, Hardesty told the victim to leave him alone “or else.”

Hardesty then punched the man in the face, which knocked him to the ground, unconscious.

During the attack, the victim sustained a broken nose and broken cheekbone while also requiring 17 stitches for a cut on his face. He also suffered damage to his right eye.

Surveillance footage from the business showed Hardesty taking the hat.

As a part of his sentence, Hardesty has been ordered to pay over $6,000 for the victim’s medical bills and the stolen hat.