Keeping it low-key, Lancaster family concedes to neighbor’s light display

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MOUNT JOY TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.--A spectacular Christmas light display prompted one family in Lancaster County to create a unique display of their own.

In front of a house along Marietta Avenue in Mount Joy Township sits a lighted sign with the word "ditto" and an arrow pointing next door.

The Kimes' neighbors have an elaborate display, including a nativity scene, numerous lighted figurines and Santa's sleigh on the roof.

"We wanted to make people laugh," said Kristi Kimes. "It was kind of a running joke when we moved in that there's no way of even comparing ourselves to them and we are a little ashamed," Kimes laughed.

Instead of climbing ladders and stringing twinkling lights around the house, the Kimes' decided to keep it simple this year and take a low-key approach.


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