Demonstrators voice opinions on electors vote for president-elect Donald Trump

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Several people from across Pennsylvania made their way to the Capitol in a last ditch effort to ask electors to not vote for president-elect Donald Trump, while others were there to make sure votes for Trump were cast by the state's 20 electors.

Dozens of demonstrators gathered at the State Capitol to make their voices heard about president-elect Donald Trump.

Demonstrator William Hughes said "I don't see Donald Trump as having any qualities that we need as a president. It's not just political disagreement."

Demonstrator Laurie Scheid said "Trump is inappropriate, so it's mostly his inappropriate moves, his inappropriate comments like what's on my sign."

Demonstrator Michelle Camilli said "we're sending a message, it's state capitols all through the country, that there are people out here, and this isn't the last thing we're going to do."

While most demonstrators made their voices heard in their hope to stop Trump from becoming president, a few others gave him signs of support.

Demonstrator Cynthia Lindsey said "as a volunteer, I'm part of the Trumpettes. We worked very, very hard to get him elected because we believe in what he stands for, so this is very, very important to me."

Demonstrator  Robert Cini said "to see the electorate do the will of the people, we elected Trump so be it."

Some demonstrators were arrested in protest against trump's immigration policies while other protesters say their demonstration is not drawn along party lines.

"It's not because he's a Republican, he's just a completely unfit person for the position," Camilli said.

"I'd rather have a real republican president that actually has something to offer the country (5) as opposed to just a complete political anomaly like Trump," Hughes said.

While Pennsylvania's 20 electors cast their votes towards Trump, supporters on both sides say the day was a success.

"Feel very, very good, that they didn't give in to the pressure to not vote for him," Lindsey said.

"It's better than doing nothing, at the very least, at least more people know how the system works," Hughes said.

"We've made a statement and I think people will hear it, and Donald Trump will certainly hear it," Camilli said.

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