North York Councilwoman resigns after comment to firefighter

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NORTH YORK, Pa. -- A North York councilwoman is resigning after she made a comment to a firefighter about his prosthetic leg at the end of the council meeting last week.

Councilwoman Sandra Hinkle turned in her letter of resignation after she said to Christopher Wilhelm: "If you put that on Facebook, I'm going to take your leg off and beat you with it."

Hinkle said that to Wilhelm, who has a prosthetic leg, after he recorded a Facebook Live at a council meeting last week.

In his statement to council, Wilhelm said, "That being said if you choose to decline, I'm asking our other leaders of borough council and the mayor to make what the right choice is and we all know what the right choice is."

Hinkle said she was joking and this wasn't the first time she had joked with Wilhelm like this.

"Chris didn't seem offended," Hinkle said. "If he was offended he would've gone off on me like he's done before. And yeah. I shouldn't have said it. It was wrong. I admit to that."

After Hinkle stated her conditions to resigning, the budget meeting took a turn.

She asked for Councilman Bill Jackson to step down as well, saying he's made sexual comments toward her.

"I do believe that it's a witch hunt," Hinkle said. "I do believe it's a purpose to get me off council because I think that they are trying to get others off as well."

But Wilhelm said Hinkle needs to be held accountable.

Wilhelm said, "It's just time for somebody to stand up and stick up for themselves. And unfortunately when you have elected official, they are held to a higher responsibility."

Ultimately, Hinkle did turn in her letter of resignation. She said she has been looking to resign, but wanted to at least fill out her term.

Hinkle said, "I at one point loved my community, but I don't feel that now things are going too well in the community, so I'm really not that sad at this point."

Council members will consider Hinkle's resignation at their meeting next month. As for the accusations she made toward another council member about sexual harassment, he said that's not true.

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